December 2017 Savvy Woman of the Month

Meet Melissa LaMagna the Savvy Professional Woman of the Month for December 2017!

Melissa has been selling consumer products for over 20 years to large national retail chains.  She has built her career marketing and selling both national and private label brands within the health and wellness arena.  She has developed and launched many private label products for customers like CVS and Target.  

After to moving to Upstate New York with her family in 2014, Melissa began her search to create her own business and carve out time for her family.  She recently started her own business selling safer, high performance products for the entire family.  All products are formulated without many of the harmful and questionable chemicals commonly found in personal care products and linked to many health issues.

Beautycounter is an indisputable leader in the move toward safer, cleaner, more natural beauty and has gorgeous high-performing products for men, women and children.  Since entering the marketplace, Beautycounter has won several awards based on product performance, proving you do not have to compromise health to look and feel your best!

As a Beautycounter consultant, Melissa is about personally educating her clients about the risks of harmful ingredients commonly found in many personal care products, providing solutions, and joining the movement to secure better more protective regulation in Washington.

Please reach out to Melissa for a personalized consultation, and check out her website for product offerings including many limited edition gift sets just in time for the holidays!