March 2017 Featured Woman of the Month

Congratulations to Deborah Neary owner of Deborah Neary Photography for being nominated and chosen as The Savvy Professional Woman Networking Group Woman of the Month.

Born in Plymouth England Deborah enjoyed a childhood amidst the beauty of the New Forest and South Coast region. Feeling a sense of wellbeing and peace walking with her family in the forests and swimming in the English Channel, her love of Nature started young, along with her interest and passion for the arts.

She received separate diplomas in Art and Photography from Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Design. Moving on to work with fashion photographers for five years in London. She and her family have made Saratoga Springs their home.

Deborah is the creator of the popular Woman in Nature Photography Sessions.

Testimonial from a Woman in Nature shoot:

It was so wonderful to work with Deborah on this shoot! She is such a pro, and has so much skill at what she does, it felt easy to relax into her hands! Also, she is such a warm human being, that she made me feel very nurtured, and that made me feel safe; I felt affirmed: as an artist, as a woman, and as a human being! This session meant a lot to me because it embraced all of the elements of my life that are most precious to me: my musicality, my love of nature, my joy of being a woman, and even, my spirituality. It was a very special experience!

Contact Deborah at djdn.photo@gmail.com or on her website: Deborahneary.com