January 2017 Featured Woman of the Month

Congratulations to Laurie Abele, Plexus Worldwide for being nominated and chosen as The Savvy Professional Woman Networking Group Woman of the Month.

Laurie Abele, is a health and wellness nut that works for an amazing company by the name of Plexus Worldwide. The products and the business opportunity have changed her life. She is a former elementary school teacher, and has been a health enthusiast her whole life. Laurie truly believes that if you have your health, then you have it all!  Her day is complete when she has been able to help someone achieve even the smallest health victory.  Laurie is a huge advocate for proper gut health, as this is the root of all good health.   The key is getting healthy from the inside out. When the inside falls into place, the outside will follow.

Every health journey is unique and personal to the individual, and I would love to help you on your journey. Wishing you good health always!

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