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In this network designed specifically for women, we believe in the power of connections and our mission is to provide business women many avenues to promote themselves and their businesses.

Join us to meet some genuine women to grow your network both personally and professionally.




About The Savvy Professional Women Network

At the Savvy Professional Women Network we’re focused on building a community of professional women to lean on and learn from – an intentional community from different backgrounds, levels of experience and professions who are committed to supporting one another.

Discover the tools to realize your vision, build relationships and grow your professional and personal network.

At our In Person Events and in Our Online Events we host prominent women who are sharing valuable information on need to know topics.    We constantly have new faces joining us virtually and in person which provides a freshness for new friendships and connections to flourish.


Fantastic event! All the women were wonderful and I just loved being around a group of strong, like minded business women!

This was my 1st Savvy Event and let me just express that this was AMAZING. From the moment I arrived to the moment I left. The energy was amazing and such a diverse group of ladies. I truly enjoyed the friendships that have already been made through this group and the stories that were shared. I felt at “home”.

Rise above the noise!

Exercising as We Age!

3 Simple Tips for Exercising as We Age... Keep it Functional:  There are functional moves of average daily living that we all need to incorporate into our workouts to stay mobile throughout our later years in life.  Think about what we do on a daily basis.  We are in...

3 Simple Steps to Get Organized for Better Productivity

The living is easy and the kids are…home.  You are stuck between wanting to relax and wanting to keep the business ball rolling.  You feel scattered, pulled in all directions, guilty for not being all things to all people, unable to say “No,” and stressed...

Change Takes Courage

I was working with a client today, and as is almost always the case, the beliefs and values of childhood were running the show. Many of us don't understand how our mind and body work together. It’s both simple and complicated. In the “Biology of Belief” Bruce Lipton...

The Hidden Key to Communication

A lot has been written about effective communication: active listening, recognizing non verbal communication, asking questions, clarifying and summarizing your speaking points, providing feedback and developing trust and rapport. All of these tips make sense and are...

Healthy Travel Tips

One of my favorite things to do is travel! I have gone to almost every state in the United States, and last year, I explored Thailand and Vietnam. I also love to go by motorcycle and check out our National Parks, as well as many other areas. We live in a beautiful...

Vacation Prep and Planning

Often people who have their own business get very concerned that they can’t take a vacation, or they will have to overwork either before/after their vacation like a crazy person.  This does not have to be true. It all comes down to planning.  If you know that you are...

Collaboration Opportunities!

How can we use our voice to shine a spotlight on your stories and successes?  If you are interested in collaborating please email us directly.
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