How often does life seem chaotic to you? Some of us are energized by the chaos. Others are totally thrown off by the chaos……. it’s important to make sense of the chaos AND BE ORGANIZED in order to truly succeed.


  • Review your business goals every day.

Keeping your goals front and center allows you to weave through the chaos. It’s an introspective process that helps you hack at extraneous details. It can reveal what is important, what is a waste of time and what you should do about it all.

  • Batch tasks

Batching is collecting all of your similar tasks for the day (or week) and doing them all at once.

Email: Sit down and do it all at once. 
Writing articles: Get it done in a single morning.
Writing your business plan: Take an afternoon and write it down.
Don't let your week be a jumble of activities
  • Work on the one thing that will move your business forward.

For most business owners there’s that one thing in your mind that you know you should do. You recognize its importance and even realize that it has the potential to change your business and dramatically move things forward.

The problem? You feel too disorganized to do it.

A simple way to usher organization into your life is to just do it. Every day when you wake up, resolve to do at least one task that will move your business forward.

Doing so will organize your thinking and your priorities. It will give you a clear and coherent vision for the success of your business. Creating a Vision board helps.

  • Choose a few major tasks for the day.

Staying organized is as much about what you choose not to do as it is about what you choose to do.

Choosing too many “priorities” for the day will crush you and leave you gasping for relief. Before you know it, your day will crumble into a pile of disorganized chaos.

The secret to staying on track?

Select a few things that you need to get done for the day. Maybe it’s a single task — an article, a marketing plan, one step in a new hire, etc., — that you must get done.

Move the Big Rocks. They are the major things you want to get done this week.

Unfortunately, These Big Rocks get pushed back from week to week because we never have time to do them — our days fill up too quickly. Too often we overstep the Big Rocks.

How do you avoid this problem? By planning your week with the Big Rocks first.

  • If you have staff….. delegate!
    The art of delegation may be the difference between businesses who flounder and the ones that succeed. Understand why you’re not delegating.
    Measure how you’re doing.
    Choose the right people.
    Integrate delegation into what you already do.
    Ask others to hold you accountable.
    Really let go.
    Learn from experience.

Things that business owners must learn to delegate:

Anything you don’t enjoy doing.
Anything you don’t do well. 
Anything that will help to increase cash flow.
Anything that is getting in the way of growing your business. 
Anything that is process-oriented (easy to do) but time consuming. 
Anything you want a team member or aspiring leader to learn to do.

If you attempt to operate your business without a thought as to organization, you’ll fail. If you guide your task with an organized mindset, you will succeed!

Need help getting you on the right track?

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