Brand Messaging Masterclass with Kierra Jones

Brand Messaging Masterclass with Kierra Jones

The Savvy Professional Women Network welcomes women at every stage of life—from those at the top of their professional fields to those who are just starting out. The goal of our Virtual Networking Celebrations is to give you the space to connect with others, learn from a fabulous speaker and of course, have fun!

February 2021 we had  Kierra Jones as our guest speaker. Kierra is a Speaker, Amazon Best-Selling Author,  Mindset Coach and Brand Messaging & Monetization Consultant to women all over the world.  She’s passionate about helping leaders transform how they see, think, and feel about their genius so they stop undervaluing, giving it away for less than value, and holding back in their marketing & sales! Before building her own multiple 6 figure international coaching practice, Kierra worked in sales, client management, and consulting with market-leading brands like Pillsbury, Cheerios, and Marriott where she supported the double digit growth of 5-7 figure businesses and brands.

In the recording below with Kierra you will discover:

  • The #1 thing you can do to shift your visibility mindset so you show up in your unique brand voice and amplify your visibility!
  • The power of high impact messaging that calls in and converts high quality clients (I’ll share the messaging + content strategy my clients and I to stand out & magnetize 4 & 5 figure ideal clients + customers)!
  • The biggest packaging mistake costing most service based entertainers thousands of dollars + key business model strategies you can implement immediately that have increased my clients’ sales by 200-900% while still aligning with their lifestyle & the people + things that matter most!

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Reconnect with your passion with Rachael Lujbli

Reconnect with your passion with Rachael Lujbli

The goal of our Virtual Networking Celebrations is to give you the space to connect with others, learn from a fabulous speaker and of course, have fun!

To kick off our 6th year in January 2021 we welcomed Rachael Lujbli as our guest speaker. Like many of you Rachael has been on a Soul Journey during this pandemic and during this time she has been able to reconnect with her true passion and create a new business. Not an easy thing to do during normal times and even more challenging during a pandemic.

Watch the recording below and take some time for yourself to discover or reacquaint yourself with your inner guide and learn how Rachael has fueled her soul

For More Information About Rachael please click here
5 Virtual Networking Business Building Tips

5 Virtual Networking Business Building Tips

In person networking can be much easier for many compared to virtual networking. When you are in the private online groups or virtual events how do you speak or write about your business without coming off as a ‘SPAMMER’ and make real connections?

It’s much easier than it sounds and first and foremost do not waste your time in groups that are not in alignment with your values and where your ideal clients might be hanging out virtually.

To be a great virtual networker…

  • Connect & Engage – get to know the people by engaging them in real conversations — don’t sell or post about coming over to your group or your event.
  • Build Trust by contributing useful content to the group. Most people don’t do this, and it will make you STAND OUT.
  • Be Genuine by sharing information about yourself and conveying why you and your business are unique will make you memorable.
  • Ask Questions, ask “How can I help you”. Have a WE are in this together attitude rather than a I’m in this group for ME only attitude.
  • Follow Up – have you heard the expression ‘The Fortune Is In The Follow Up’? This is so true, make note of who you are having conversations with and follow up with those people with virtual or in person chats.

In the comments below let us know what emotions come up for you about virtual networking and what’s stopping you from connecting in a virtual networking group today?

Contributor: Frankie Mueller
President of The Savvy Professional Women, LLC

Frankie Mueller
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Savvy Professional Women LLC

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Manage Your Personal Finances with Gretchen Meyer Financial

Manage Your Personal Finances with Gretchen Meyer Financial

As we learn to adjust during this unusual time period we are collaborating with Gretchen Meyer Financial to bring you this webinar: Manage Your Personal Finances.

*Gain financial insights that will help keep your wallet healthy during this time.

* The economy may be on life support, but your investments are not.

* Why Covid-19 is different than the Great Depression

* Why now is potentially a good time to invest

This webinar was facilitated by Gretchen Meyer-Thornton and Laura Sausville of Gretchen Meyer Financial.

The information in this webinar is not intended as tax or legal advice. Please consult legal or tax professionals for specific information regarding your individual situation. The opinions expressed and material provided are for general information, and should not be considered a solicitation for the purchase or sale of any security.

Time for a fresh start in 2020!

Time for a fresh start in 2020!

Now is the accepted time to make your annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual. ~ Mark Twain

There’s always a lot of hype about the New Year, and even more in a new decade, and there is good reason for it. We’ve been making new resolutions and commitments on January 1st since the early 19th Century. Here’s how to make the best of it!

It is time for a fresh start, for a new way of thinking, and while you are at it, why not make this your best year ever. BUT it is up to you to take a stand for yourself, to understand and get over your limited thinking and claim your best life – For Real, Forever. 

As we all know it’s easy to commit to something and be enthusiastic and ready for positive change. And, as good intentions can go, they often turn into disappointment and discouragement. 

It is important to understand why this happens. Part of it is you haven’t thought it through and part of it is the subconscious saboteur hiding inside of you. Your programing from childhood may not seem relevant but I assure you it is. You might really, really want to do, be or have something and even have a plan, but without a thoughtfelt plan, it’s likely you won’t get there. 

To start – You can dig into what’s lurking below the surface by looking at the repeating thought patterns you have. Here are a few common ones. 

  • I’m not good enough
  • Fear of rejection
  • Feeling invisible
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • Be seen and not heard
  • I am too big for my britches
  • I must sacrifice for the sake of others

These are just a few and this is what it might look like in real life: 

You start with the best of intentions. You go to the gym twice, and then you get sick. You quickly forget about it, after all it’s only ten dollars a month and you are too tired and too busy anyway. You start your social media campaign and then get confused about what to post where and when. The perfectionist takes charge and you simply stop (this is me). LOL You have a brilliant idea and then another one, and just one more. You are so amazing that you just can’t decide what to do and where to start. 

You know what your scenario is. Look back over the last year, two years, or decade and see what has been your recurring pattern.  Write it down so you recognize it when it shows up. Then step into your POWER and move forward anyway. 

You have to think of yourself and love yourself first in order to make a difference in your life and the lives of those around you. You must learn to say NO to what does not serve you, and then YES to what you want. A thoughtfelt plan is one that has deep clear intentions, that is aligned with your values, your deepest desires and is based in your head and your heart. But without answering a few simple questions for yourself you may not be headed down the path that is truly meant for you. 

Good Intentions or Real Commitments

Before you decide on any new quest do a pro’s and con’s list. But first ask yourself these questions. 

  • How have I grown this past year?
  • What gave me energy and what drained me? 
  • What is the reason I want to ________?
  • What’s likely to get in my way?
  • Am I willing to take a stand and set the boundaries that matter? (You know what I mean) 
  • What are the results I want? 
  • What difference will it make in my life?
  • What are the pro’s and con’s?  Make your list… 

Whether it is a business, health or other commitment, take the time to get connected to your reasons, to your heart and then move forward without hesitation. 

If you are hiring a coach to help you stay on track or breakthrough your barriers, or someone to do your marketing, copy, branding etc. make sure you ask yourself what you expect to gain from working with them. Don’t be afraid to interview different people. It is pretty great to make an informed decision and it enhances your power of making the right choice for you, and having to say no to what doesn’t work. I’ve been guilty of working with the wrong persons in the past and it doesn’t feel good. It is a waste of time, energy and money.

Now go and ACE it!

A – Accept and Activate

C – Clarify and Commit

E – Energize and Empower

Savvy Blog Contributor:

Karen Carey
Ruby Red Road

Karen Carey is the founder of Ruby Red Road and partner at Five Star Coaching Group. As a CultureTalk certified partner, she helps businesses and teams create a productive and positive environment with self-knowledge, collaboration and heart to maximize potential and ultimate success.

Opinions expressed by Savvy Women blog contributors are their own.