So, you’ve got your website designed and you are still not seeing the results that you had anticipated. Not to worry there are a few things you can do to your website to start getting the results and sales to help you grow your business. A website should be about building a relationship with new visitors rather than trying to sell them on their first visit to your site. Yes, sales the first time are great, but in reality you need a few high touch contacts with them to get the sale.

To do this, you need to take the first step in your lead generating system and give them an offer that they just can’t refuse in exchange for their name and email address. What would be an offer they can’t refuse – Well in many cases it may be a Special Report, Ten Tips to What They Are Looking For, Free Audio Download or CD… you get the idea and the offers you come up with are endless. Using this strategy is not new, but it is the most effective.

The key to profits is in your list! Treat your list like GOLD! Never sell or share your list with anyone.

When I get to this point many business owners ask, but how do I get them to my site in the first place? There are many ways to drive traffic to your site, but you want to make sure you are driving qualified traffic, which would be your ideal client.idealclient

Let’s back up a little at this point, and take out your description of your ideal client. Put the picture of her / him in your mind or on your bulletin board and begin to think like your client. Where would that person go for information? Make a list of the places you might find that person, and put yourself in those places.

Five few easy ways to attract your ideal client:

  1. Affiliate Programs – use a simple shopping cart system which has a built in affiliate program. Advertise to your current clients, which are thrilled with your product and service, and reward them with a cash % of sale with each referral.
  2. Advertise in eZines – Reach out to other eZines that reach your ideal client and purchase a series of ads. Don’t buy just one – you need to be seen more than once to make the most impact. Normally the cost of advertising in a series of eZines is about $100. Promote your free gift in these ads to drive traffic to your site and build your list.
  3. Article Marketing – write several articles about your expertise and post them in various article directories. This will position you as an expert and drive traffic to your website.
  4. Social Networking – Network with other business people on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN. Take the time to complete the profiles on the social networking sites, add a great photo of yourself, and begin to make connections online. As with all networking it does take some work, and it is about giving. What kinds of resources and information can you give that will be of value?
  5. Offline Networking – Let’s not forget about the face to face networking events which take place daily in every city around the world. Attend them on a regular basis and make great connections, share business cards, and follow up with those you meet.

The key is in the follow up. Choose two or three of these activities today and start implementing them right away. Doing them consistently will bring additional traffic to your website. Track that traffic and you will be on your way to building a solid foundation to your business which you can build upon.

Online entrepreneur Frankie Mueller, owner of Success Streams Online Marketing Group. To learn more about building your business with proven systems and strategies sign up for her FREE eZine, special Articles, and Teleseminar Series, visit http://www.frankiemueller.com