Savvy Professional Woman of the Month: October 2018

Hilarie Mae

We are very excited to announce that Hilarie Dahl is our Savvy Woman of the Month!

Hilarie Mae is an Energy Alchemist specializing in intuitive business and personal development.

After acquiring a master’s degree in Interpersonal/Organization Communication, she started training in Healing Touch (an energy healing modality) and opened her business shortly after. Since then, she has developed her own modality of energy work: Energy Alchemy. The focus of EA is to provide clients with the support they require for self-healing, dissolving their resistance to growth, and tuning to the vibration of their desires and deepest joy.

Hilarie’s goal is to help clients stay fully resourced while they navigate their path into a new state or circumstance. Whether they’re building wealth or reach, letting in more love and pleasure, expanding their consciousness and spirituality, refining the use of their gifts, or changing how they contribute to the world through work or philanthropy.

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